May 29, 2010

Anneleise Rotherberger

I opened the New York Times yesterday morning at breakfast to find that  Anneleise Rotherberger had passed away.  This clip of Rotherberger singing Kostanze shows the listener what she could do. And here she is with Fritz Wunderlich in the same role a few years later.  Rotherberger appears about three and a half minutes in.

What a great singer!

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  1. Daniel, thanks for posting.
    I was glad to see that the German media hadn't forgotten about her. On the contrary: She was given quite a bit of attention in both regional and national publications, and on all the main TV news channels as well. Well, in a small country that still manages to run 60+ opera houses (!), I guess it's the least you can expect that former stars are given their due, right?
    Take care! :-)


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