Tea and Tone

A cup of tea, the morning paper, and a old milk jug full of peonies has me thinking about tone, the latter bringing to mind Anna Schoen-René's recollection of an comment made by Manuel Garcia in America's Musical Inheritance: Memories and Reminiscences (1941).  Schoen-René went to Manuel Garcia in 1901 to learn how to teach men after having previously studied with the great maestro's sister Pauline Viardot-Garcia in Paris in the 1880's.   His home was in Cricklewood, a suburb of London.  

Quite unexpectedly, however, he turned to me, holding a half-opened rose in his hand.  "Here child," he said, "this is the expression of the perfect tone. Every nuance of beauty, color, fragrance, and form is in this God-given creation, not yet abused by human hands.  p. 109

The tea service is Limoges c. 1910.  Coincidentally, that's the year Viardot-Garcia died.  The milk jug is English, and from the same period.