July 27, 2010

The Sorceress: Dame Kiri te Kanawa

Utube has turned out to be one of the singer's greatest resources.  Lately, I've been listening to Dame Kiri te Kanawa in a 1993 made for TV production titled The Sorceress that has a plot loosely based on Handel's opera Alcina. (You can find more detail about the production here.)   Utube has eight of the fifteen segments, for which I have provided links below.  Te Kanawa's singing is, at turns, beguiling and bewitching.

What fascinates me about te Kanawa's singing is the apparent ease and absence of physical strain.  I watch and remember the admonition found in many an old manual which insists the singer refrain from making faces and contorting the mouth.  Beauty is as beauty does?  It would seem so. 

The album can be found here at Amazon.

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