A Focused Tone

What is a focused tone?  A self-starting, self-stopping sound.
What causes tone to focus?  Effortless, non-violent yet intense vibration of the vocal-cords.
What makes vibration of the vocal-cords intense?  Inherent energy in compressed breath which feeds it.  

Why is vibration, though made in the throat, felt in the head?  Because there is no obstruction in it's way 'til it strikes the body element of the skull, directly above the throat.

What does vibration always 'hit' the same spot at the top of the pharynx?  Because there is an open path to that spot.  

What helps me to "feel" the start of vibration at this post-nasal spot in the head?  The sympathetic reverberation of the middle sinus in the skull- an enclosed cavity in the head directly above the pharynx.  In fact, the bony structure of the skull reports all that happens in the throat.  

What can prevent the focus of tone?  Pushing non-compressed inhaled air toward the throat to start it.

How can I make a focussed tone?  You can't!  It happens!

It happens when relationships between all parts of body and brain are established, completing the web of coordinate action.  

What must I do to weave this web of united action?  Emotional imagination knits together all action.  You can only give yourself up to it, and let it control you.  

A focussed tone is like the rainbow- it "happens." 
From Vocal Wisdom: Maxims of Giovanni Battista Lamperti  (1931)


chris said…
I really have to get a copy of that book.
VoiceTalk said…
Hi Chris- thanks for your comment. You can find it on Amazon in paperback. A hardback copy can be found at, a great source for gently used books.
little augury said…
this applies to many pursuits in life as well. pgt