September 24, 2010

Salvatore Marchesi: A Vademecum

Students of vocal art upon hearing the name Marchesi will undoubtedly think of either Mathilde Marchesi or her daughter Blanche - both students within the Garcia lineage (of course, there is the famous castrato Luigi Marchesi -no relation- a subject for another post).  However, another Marchesi, who was a student of both Manuel Garcia and Francesco Lamperti should not be forgotten.  And who would that be?  Salvatore Marchesi de Castrone - husband to Mathilde and father to Blanche.

Salvatore Marchesi

He wrote a very interesting volume for singing teachers and students which you can read here.

Marchesi writes a great deal about singing teachers who use science to buttress their assertions as well as doctors (in our day voice science researchers) who also make assertions about singing, when, in fact, they are not singers or voice teachers.  What is interesting, of course, is that Marchesi makes one think about the present state of singing and the teaching of singing.  Has anything changed?  That's a good question.

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