October 4, 2010

Folds in 4

My colleague Elem Eley, who teaches at Westmintster Choir College, made me aware of this video recently. After seeing it,I knew immediately that I wanted to post it here. We hear the singing voice all the time, but so rarely see it in action, much less in quadruplicate.

Seeing the vocal folds (the creator of the video calls them 'cords' which is now considered dated), in this way may be the closest we can come to the same wonder Manuel Garcia experienced in 1855.

Isn't it amazing that such beauty can come from something no bigger than your thumbnail?


  1. Wonderful and a pleasure to begin the day with. The rest of us still call them cords - vocal folds, doesn't resonate with me. But, who am I? Amazing little video!

  2. I often catch myself using the old terminology having read so many old vocal pedagogy books. Who made the change? Voice scientists I believe. A point that deserves more investigation.


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