Bel Canto Christmas

Joan Sutherland singing O Holy Night. Her voice swoops between notes like a swallow, but you don't care, especially when she gets to the end and sings a full-throated high C sharp that makes your jaw drop and your heart stand still. Such is the power of il bel canto.  

Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday!


That was very beautiful. I'm singing that tonight at Midnight mass but in a much lower key. (Tried the higher key - nuh-uh, not for this girl -- lol)

It was enlightening to hear that one might sing "No-hell" in order to get up there. I didn't mind her doing it at all, so it seems that one could.
VoiceTalk said…
Hell in Heavenly singing? Your astute observation made me laugh out loud Avocational!

Wishing you a wonderful performance tonight!
Michael said…
Hope you're having a pleasant and festive holiday season, Daniel. And I'll have to check out Dame Joan singing this -- don't have any Xmas music of hers. My all-time favorite classical Xmas album is still Jessye Norman's "Christmastide": beautifully chosen classic carols, and a rare through-composed arrangement in a Renaissance and Baroque style. Definitely a high-calorie affair, but hey, it's the holidays. :-)
Take care,

PS: If you don't have Dame Joan's "Esclarmonde" recording, check it out -- French Grand Opéra at its best, with so much flawless, seamless singing by that creamy voice! A nice totally unrealistic fairytale opera.