December 21, 2010

Rutter Eclipsed

It's after midnight here in New York City.  The moon is winding its way towards total eclipse on this, the darkest night of the year.  So what am I doing before I walk out into Central Park and see the earth's shadow cover Diana the Huntress shortly after 3 AM?  Listening to the Kings College Choir sing John Rutter's Nativity Carol. It's a gorgeous choral work with a quintessentially-arched English melody that lingers long in memory after first hearing. I'll be singing it on Christmas Eve across town, and what a pleasure that will be.

I heard another Rutter piece on New York City's classical radio station earlier in the evening.  When it ended, the announcer said that Rutter was agnostic, which was confirmed by a snippet of an interview with Rutter himself stating, that, while not a believer, his life was nevertheless shaped by Christianity.

Hearing this made me smile. Does Beauty need a Reason for being?

Perhaps the moon will answer after her reappearance.


  1. Perfect atmospherics for such an event. I think the Moon like will show rather than tell-words aren't necessary. pgt

  2. "Caught between the moon and New York City? The best that you can do is fall in love."

  3. daniel-
    wishing you and your dear husband a very merry christmas!
    I can only imagine how beautiful the music and your voice will be tonight- how lucky your listeners!

    from our home to yours.... merry christmas!


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