Weihnachtsgefühl (Christmas Spirit)

I first learned this song in graduate school, having had it assigned to me by Dalton Baldwin.  In fact, I think it was the first Strauss song I ever sang.  I remember it every Holiday season: it conjures a feeling that is difficult to put into words alone.

Kommt auch mir ein Sehnen,
Längst entfloh'ner Seligkeit
Denk' ich nach mit Tränen.

Und ich schaue wie im Traum
Ihren fernen Schimmer
Weben um den Weihnachtsbaum,
Kehrt sie selbst auch nimmer.

With the time of joy
There comes to me an image:
Far-flung bliss,
And I think of it afterwards with tears.

And I see, as if in a dream,
Its far-off glimmer
Weave around the Christmas tree,
Never trimming itself.

Hear Edita Gruberova sing it here.

Text by Martin Greif (1839-1911) [pseudonym]
Friedrich Hermann Frey

Music by Richard Georg Strauss (1864-1949)
"Weihnachtsgefühl" (1899)


Blue said…
I really love this photograph. Did you take it?
VoiceTalk said…
Thanks! Yes. I took the photograph. It is the corner of West 67th Street and Columbus in NYC.