May 24, 2011

Christine Brewer: Every Town Needs a Diva

It may be because I taught public school music (elementary, middle school & high school) before I got into singing, vocal pedagogy and the world of opera, but my heart leapt when I read a recent blog post by Christine Brewer at NPR. What is the Wagnerian diva doing? Working with Nancy Wagner's sixth graders at a school south of St. Louis, imparting a love and knowledge of music (Bewer also taught music before appearing on the operatic stage). A recent project? Benjamin Britten's War Requiem, a work which resonates with kids whose parents are serving in the military. The lesson here? The classical arts can be- and are- relevant. It's just a matter of connecting the dots. Speaking of which, a different article has evidence that musicians may have better brains. There is no doubt that Wagner and Brewer are using theirs. The future of classical music and beautiful singing depends on it.

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