Sean O'Boyle & Suzanne Kompass

t is a tale of our times. An extraordinary soprano and her equally extraordinary composer and conductor husband are stranded across the border and can't get home.

I am writing about Suzanne Kompass and Sean O'Boyle, a singer who met a composer in his Australian homeland. The two fell in love, married and then returned to New York City. Because Suzanne is also a citizen of Canada, the couple's recent travel there to perform has been complicated with Sean not being able to re-enter the US. Chalk it up to complications with greens cards and the like, the situation reminds me of Menotti's opera The Consul where the lead character, Magda, cries out in frustration: "Papers! Papers! Oh, the day will come, I know, when all our hearts aflame will burn your paper chains!" Sean's situation is all about papers at the moment.

This is not an isolated case. As early as 2007, artists from around the world have had a very difficult time visiting, much less, living in the United States as the Washington Times reported. And if the current requirements for residence are daunting, I can say, having known Sean and his wife for some time now, that he not only meets the requirements, he exceeds them.

Sean O'Boyle is a rare individual. He not only writes excellent music, he understands singers and the art of singing. And in a world where the art of bel canto is endangered, his talents are sorely needed back in New York.

Let Sean and his lovely wife come home!


Anonymous said…
And "Here! Here!" I say. Bravo Daniel for writing this beautiful post. I will repost. It's simply ridiculous what they are having to withstand! You are a beautiful writer, my friend. Grazie!
Thank you Dame Holly! Like you, I eagerly await the return of Suzanne and Sean to the city that never sleeps. Let us all keep vigil until that awaited day.
Linda said…
Thank you for your blog. Suzanne and I grew up together and is scheduled to perform in our hometown tomorrow, Sunday, June 26 in a Church in Allentown, PA. A lot of people are looking forward to seeing her again. We eagerly await Suzanne and her husband, Sean's safe return to the US, where they belong. I am going to say something that I shouldn't, but that has never stopped me. I wish our government would take more time keeping the undesirables out of our country and less time making it difficult for our wonderful, productive members of society to come home with the love of their lives. Unbelievable!!!!
Suzanne said…
Thank you so much everyone. Sean and I are so grateful for all your help.
Linda, I was so looking forward to Sunday, but I can't leave my husband here as we are trying to prepare our case for a new Visa for him which has to be processed in Montreal.
I will be singing August 26 at Parkland High School with Summer Harmonies.
This is just unfathomable that there is no category to rectify this situation immediately. Forgive, me I've been writing for hours. I will post again later.
Thank you all so much. Perhaps the more people who are aware of this, the faster we can change this situation. We followed all the rules, and that seems to count for nothing. We simply were unaware that Sean needed to file a visa travel waiver to go to Canada so he could return. No law was broken.
Sean said…
Thanks so much Daniel and all who read this. I have had to reflect upon my career for the O application which has bought much joy with great memories. Suzanne is my rock and my love.
Linda said…
Suzanne, we will put August 26th on our calendars. I hope you have some time to relax and enjoy your new husband in the midst of this chaos. Everything will be OK, and you will be able to return home safely, eventually. I look forward to seeing you and meeting Sean.