July 28, 2011

Umbrian Serenades: Concert in Spoleto at Sant'Eufemia

How often do you have the opportunity to sing sacred music with a wonderful group of singers in a 12th century Romanesque space? That is exactly what I am doing with the Umbrian Serenades program in Spoleto this evening at Sant'Eufemia, a de-consecrated church off the main plaza in Spoleto Italy.

I've been in the heart of Umbria singing with the Umbrian Serenades - a wonderful choral program founded by Paulo Faustini and Holly Phares - for a little over a week now. There are 25 of us. We've rehearsed quite a bit over the past week (making music is serious business but also serious fun), and in the process have gotten to know each other quite well. How can you not when you stay up late sipping grappa, sharing stories, and experiencing the magic that is Spoleto during fabulous meals and jaunts about town?

There is something special in making music with like-minded singers in such an amazing place as Spoleto, and in a sacred place such as Sant'Eufemia. The acoustic is phenomenal. And as for Spoleto itself, it has a sweetness about it that is at once palpable and ineffable. The food, the people and the light- all meld together to create a chiaroscuro delight. You must come and experience it for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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