November 2, 2011

Bette Davis Eyes

Bette Davis in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

I told you to get off my property!

From the screenplay by Henry Farrell and Lucas Heller

Imitation isn't the sincerest form of flattery when the person isn't just imitating you, but rather, stealing your work. It's called plagiarism. In this case, not just a sentence or two, but last night's post on Tony Bennett. It wasn't just this post, but also another one from a couple of weeks ago. What to do? I contacted the offender - a self-proclaimed singing teacher - and told him to cease and desist. And while the posts have been taken down, I did have the the presence of mind to take screenshots of them. 

Have you no shame, sir? This site is clearly copyrighted. If you want to use any material from it, you need my permission, otherwise you risk legal consequences

See the quote above? I took the time to find out who wrote it and give them credit. That's what real scholars do. Do your own work and get your own credit, sing your own song and find your audience. But don't even think about stealing my work or my voice. 

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