January 5, 2012

NYU International Voice Symposium

I took the train downtown from the West Side to West 4th Street, walked a few blocks to the far side of Washington Square Park and plunked down in a seat in a half-darkened oval shaped room for the next eight hours. What was I doing? Listening to my fellow wizards hold forth on everything from lip trills to a comparison between Classical Western Singing and Classical Indian (Hindustani) Styles. Fascinating stuff in you are into that sort of thing. And I am. 

Conferences are an excellent way to keep abreast of the latest research as well as hob-knob with those of like mind. That is exactly what happens during breaks: everyone is brought up to date, makes contacts, shares ideas and observations and dishes everything that is served. Warm, hot and cold: it's a generous meal of presentations, original research and thought provoking information. Something for everyone if well-designed. And this conference seems to have all the necessary elements under Brian Gill's direction. 

Tomorrow will see presentations by Johan Sundberg and Ingo Titze, two giants in Voice Science. I've read their books and can't wait to see them in action. 

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