Petrucci Music Library

If you haven't discovered the Petrucci Music Library yet, now is the time. I was at the site recently and found quite a few 'new' historical vocal pedagogy texts in the public domain for download- free of course. Ever one to encourage students of singing to read historical vocal pedagogy, I've created a Petrucci Music Library area in the right hand corner of this blog. In short, I've made it easy for you! You'll find Manuel García's texts there as well those of Francesco Lamperti and his son Giovanni Battista Lamperti. I've even thrown in Lilli Lehmann's idiosyncratic How to Sing, Pauline Viardot-García's An Hour of Study and Domenico Corri's The Singers Preceptor - the latter a student of the legendary Nicola Porpora. And if that isn't interesting enough, I encourage you to go the Petrucci Music Library main page and enter 'singing' as a search term. You'll be amazed at what comes up. Do it! It's fascinating stuff.