Stephanie Blythe & Art Song

A big thank you to Laura Brooks-Rice for making me aware of this video of Stephanie Blythe speaking about the importance of Art Song. Blythe is accurate when she says that opera is where the money is at, that is hard to make a go of it as a recitalist. When I was in school in the 1980's, you could do it. But that was before Real Estate became Real Estate, concert spaces disappeared, rent went through the roof and presenting organizations and audience members gave up the ghost. However, Art Song is still with us, and it is heartening to have an artist of the stature of Ms. Blythe be its champion. Heck. I've been singing Hugo Wolf songs all week. Opera it ain't. And I can't tell you the joy singing his music gives me. There are no words for it. Which is why singers sing. A paradox? Yes.