November 5, 2012

Back to work

What an bizarre week. First there was Sandy, then I lost a beloved beret and scarf, then this blog to technical issues for more than two days. Terrible timing too, since my last post on NYCO was riding a wave (terrible allusion, I know, but you have to laugh or you will cry). However, I had expert assistance from Isabelle Garbani, who guided me through the labyrinth, showing me how to get things up and running again. Isabelle  is an artist and also supports artists by building websites, having constructed mine - in fact - at Quick, knowledgable, efficient and calm in the face of this blogger's madness, I recommend her oh-so-very highly. Please find her at her personal website and Websites for Artists. She does great work. 

Oh... I found my beret and scarf at a lovely French place around the corner. I'd left them there a few days ago. Duh! The sound you hear is a big sigh of relief. 

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