Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader, 

Enclosed please find new changes to VoiceTalk, among them 1) links to my articles written for VOICEPrints- the Official Journal of the New York Singing Teachers Association, 2) important links relevant to the work of Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis- the Christopher Columbus of the ear, and 3) a new headshot contained in my Blogger Profile by Joshua South - a talented photographer. These additions can be found in the right hand column. Why all the upgrading - as it were? Well, in terms of the Tomatis links, I decided to include them after being pleasantly surprised by the number of 'hits' on my post about Susan Hurley's dissertation (see here). It seems that you, dear reader, want to know more. The headshot is another matter. My old one was five years old, a century in our image conscious world. Even though my head may be busy looking into the world of Garcia and Lamperti, it's good to keep up with the times.  

Thank you for visiting VoiceTalk!