April 12, 2013

I'm After Madam Tetrazzini's Job

Cameo portrait of Bessie Wynn,  Ziegfield Follies,  1909 

Sometimes you find things that make you laugh when researching. Consider the photo of sheet music from Zeigfield Follies of 1909. I stumbled upon it while looking for a photo of Luisa Tetrazzini at the New York Public Library's online digital gallery (which you can find here). My intention was to include a photo of Tetrazzini while yammering about the difference between two words: attack and onset. You know, how the word attack was used for a couple centuries for the start of the tone before the scientists among us decided onset was better. Then I was also going to steer you towards Tetrazzini's own words about the attack (which you can find here). Did you notice they misspelled her name on the cover? Bet she wasn't happy about that. You see? Names are important. 

You can find "I'm After Madam Tetrazini's Job" here.


  1. Daniel, I have a piece of sheet music that is from 1910. It's entitled "When My Sist'Tetrazin' Met My Cousin Carus'". It is touted as being sung by Eddie Foy and is from "Up and Down Broadway". It's a similar kind of number, written in a faux Italian accent. The refrain's text goes:

    "When my Sista Tetrazin' met my cousin Carus'
    Both cut-a loose,
    Sing like the deuce;
    You can bet-a that duet-a
    Was as sweet a spagetta,
    Just-a regular lallapaloose,
    When you hear at the Manhatta
    Cavaliera, Traviata,
    That's great, but whatsa the use
    When they sing-a La Boheme
    Ev'rything-a seem one sweet dream
    When my sista Tetrazin' met my cousin Carus'!"

    The above mention of La boheme quotes Musetta's waltz! It's oh so cute and reminiscent, I guess, of when opera and opera singers were more of an integral part of cultural life. Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of that!!!

    Bruce Sellers

    1. Thank you, Bruce Sellers! This song is quite charming and funny. Made me smile. You know, a whole act could be devoted to this stuff! Of course, it would have to be performed in period dress! Yes- I got a big lick of this this. Thank you!


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