Lilli pushing 60

Did you listen to Lilli Lehmann on Youtube after reading my last post? No? Shame on you! What is it with you people? Do you really expect everything to be handed to you on a platter? Jeez! Don't you make any effort?  Do you even click on any of the downloads in the right hand column? (voice teacher rolling eyes) What is going to come of this present generation? The one that doesn't even know who Joan Sutherland is? (No, I am not making this up.) 

For the curious among you, here's Lilli singing "Martern Aller Arten" from Mozart's Die Entführung aus dem Serail. For one heck of a difficult aria, Lilli doesn't miss a lick. The coloratura is amazing, and the head voice I wrote about in my previous post? Clear as a bell. I know of only one soprano who sang like this when she was 60. Her name is Benita Valente


D. Brian Lee said…
I DID go and listen to her after your previous post! So there! Great points, Daniel.
Good for you, Brian! Wonderful!