Lincoln Center: along came a spider

If you are writing a book having everything to do with vocal pedagogy (the teaching of singing) and live in New York, you'll find yourself at the New York Public Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. That was me yesterday. Living a few blocks away, I find myself there quite a bit when I am not teaching at home. And why not? The light is wonderful (living in a dark apartment makes one appreciate such things), the chairs are comfortable, and access to information is unequalled. Google is great, Bing may be better, but both represent only a fraction of the information one can find at a great library - and the Library of the Performing Arts is a treasure trove.   

See Calder's spider in the first photo? It's what you see while waiting for the library to open. The Metropolitan Opera sits behind it. The second and third photos were taken from inside the library on the first floor, which looks out on the plaza and towards Avery Fisher Hall, where the New York Philharmonic is in residence. The penultimate photo is a close-up of Lincoln Center fountain, which is new and quite striking, while the last one features a placard for the Film Society, which is honoring Barbra Streisand later this month. It's a busy place. 

Photos take with dinky iPhone, CameraBag App and Magazine setting.