Eydie Gormé: Star Singer

Eydie Gormé (1928-2013)

I had hardly gotten back from Italy and over jet-lag when I learned that Eydie Gormé had died. My god! She was a star singer! Everything one could hope for she had in spades: rhythm, range, personality, clear diction, instantly recognizable timbre, musicianship oozing from every pore. She sang the Great American Songbook with indelible style, eschewing Rock & Roll at a time when everyone else in her vocal category—Barbra Streisand among others—were jumping on the bandwagon. Touring with her husband Steve Lawrence, Gormé cemented the impression in listeners ears of a savvy artist, singing what suited her best. 

Here she is below, knocking "I Wanna Be Around" out of the park on the Tonight Show in 1966. 

Those with a pedagogical bent should play close attention of Gormé's face, since it typifies the "Singer's Face." What is the dominant characteristic? Openness! This openness being an indication of an open ear—a very good thing. What is another characteristic? The groove between the upper lip and cheek. This is also a sign of an open ear. Every singer who is worth their salt should study this incredible artist. There is much to be learned, the look of a great listener being but one aspect. 

Gormé's joy in singing is palpable. She's on fire with music and life. Is there any other way to be as an artist?


Roomie said…
Daniel......I LOVE the article...one of my favorite singers of all times and you are really too young to remember her.....and Streisand....bought her first album in October of '64......Thanks...
Thank you for your comment, Roomie. Too young? You are too kind! I first heard Steve & Eydie on The Carol Burnett Show when I was a kid. I COULD have heard this performance (I was 8 years old), but my parent's weren't watching this show. Great, great singer!