Construction Ahead!

I hope, dear reader, that you are not too alarmed at recent changes to VoiceTalk. I've wanted to "lighten up" the look for some time now, and went ahead and did the deed this morning, which meant choosing a different "template." It will allow both of us to link posts with less fussing—among other things. The change is not complete however, since I lost the "centering" of the title and am still fiddling with colors, which will all be sorted out. My hope is that these changes will enable you to read with more ease. That's really what it's all about. 

Thank you for reading VoiceTalk. I love hearing from you! 

Addendum: September 29th, 2013. After much fiddling, I have settled on a "look" for a revamped VoiceTalk. For those curious about such things, the "header" photograph (which captures the old Met c c. 1940) has been restored to its original coloration, while the overall color of the blog has been simplified with black, grey and white—the photographs providing the accent. Everything else in its previous position. I hope it's easier on the eye for you. Drop me a line if you have concerns or questions.