Katarina Pilotti: The Road to Bel Canto

You have only to google certain things to end up halfway across the world, reading about another singer who has the same interests as you. 

That's how I found Katarina Pilotti and her master's thesis entitled "The Road to Bel Canto." Click on the link and you enter the world of Garcia and Lamperti - one which, of course, fascinates this writer. It is an excellent work: containing clear, concise information regarding the acquisition of classical bel canto vocal production. What is most interesting about her thesis is that she credits historically-based vocal techniques as regenerating her voice and career. 

Readers will learn about Signe Hebbe (1817-1925), who studied with Francesco Lamperti in Milan, and observe that Anna E. Schoen-René is referenced, as are many other important 'bel canto' voice teachers. Ms. Pilotti really has done her homework.

She's also an accomplished singer with a beautiful voice, as you can hear below.