The Lamperti Method

Mme. Edvige Lamperti 

We have just received from the hands of Mme. Lamperti, the widow of the late Professor Franceso Lamperti, of Milan, the following letter: 

Editor Musical America: 

Having just arrived from Europe, I have seen in your valuable journal an article from a Mr. Arthur Russell, about "Common Sense in the Study of the Voice," in which the name of my distinguished husband, Com. Cav. Francesco Lamperti, was quoted. 

I do not know who Mr. Russell is, but I am sure Mr. Russell is not familiar with the life of Lamperti. He would not assert that Lamperti was only a diagnostician, and that there are "many different Lamperti methods." As there was only one Francesco Lamperti, there also exists only one Lamperti Method. The fact that many charlatans claim to be Lamperti pupils does not make them so. Those who really studied with the old master can testify today that he was a truly scientific maestro and cultivator of the human voice; that he based his principles on good, sound common sense. 

If Mr. Russell will take the trouble to read Lamperti's "The Art of Singing," the Treatise, the book on "trill," and others, all published by Ricordi, in Milan, he would perhaps write differently on Lamperti as a maestro of singing, and the names of such artists as Albani, Sembrich, Therese Stolz, Waldman, Cruvelli, Tiberini, Jeane Vauzini, Maria Van Zandt, Valda Valeria, Campanini, Gajarre, Collini, Reichman, Alvary, Bispham and others are sufficient examples to prove that Francesco Lamperti was a great genius and a maestro of the art of singing. 

Accept my thanks, in advance, for your courtesy in publishing these few lines, and believe me, with many regards, Yours very sincerely, EDVIGE LAMPERTI, widow of the late Professor Lamperti, of Milano.

Musical America, January 9th, 1909


Roger Neill said…
Do you know: who actually taught Francesco Lamperti at the Conservatoire in Milan?
Roger Neill
Thank you for your message Roger Neill. Lamperti learned all that he taught from Trivulsi, who was a fine singer who was crippled from an operation and taught while lying in bed. Find the "label" with his name in the "cloud" on this page for more information.