The Alchemy of Umbrian Serenades

Maestro Joseph Flummerfelt at Convento Parrocchia San Domenico, Spoleto, Italy

This summer, I am traveling to the Land of Song to sing with Umbrian Serenades for the fourth time. Thirteen glorious days and nights singing a cappella music in the Green Heart of Italy: amazing spaces with fabulous acoustics, wonderful friends, food, wine and song making for the perfect vacation. But it's more than that, really. 

You've seen the study about the minds of musicians synchronizing, haven't you? And the one about choir members who synchronize their heartbeats

(There is also an interesting study which shows that musicians use more of their frontal cortex.) 

What do you think happens when you are singing in rehearsal every day with a master conductor surrounded by 17th century frescos, then attend a delectable dinner with really wonderful friends? (Yes—you will make life-long friends on this trip.) 

Alchemy. That's what. 

Spoleto Duomo

I kid you not. 

I'm not ashamed to say it (and have even written it here before): I cry every time I am in Spoleto. I really do. From the sheer beauty of the experience, in an I-can't-believe-I-get-to-experience-this kind of way. In an I-know-what-I-have-to-do-when-I-get-home kind of feeling. Oh, I've been around the block onstage, have done a lot, seen a lot, performed with famous artists, which is a kick. But this program is different than those experiences, as wonderful as they are. It reaches you at a core level, right down into your heart and soul, which, I gotta say, you don't always experience when you are singing professionally onstage (there's no business like show business—hello). 

Singing with others who know the score is transformational. 

San Francesco Museum, Trevi, Italy

Umbrian Serenades is designed to change your life. And it does. You think you are there simply to have a great time, and then you find that you've been kicked up the ladder. You find yourself in touch with your passion, or at least you come to know that you can't live your life without it. If you aren't doing that, Umbrian Serenades will lead you to it. And you'll want to do something about it when you get home. 

I swear.  

Get ready for singing in Italy to change your life.