If you've been reading the news, you may have heard that a small number of the board and the general director of San Diego Opera have decided, rather suddenly, to close shop, send everyone home, and stop producing opera just shy of being in business for fifty years. Bam! Just like that! 

What gives? My colleagues in the business are scratching their heads, up in arms (as they should be), and endeavoring to get to the bottom of the whole mess.  Meanwhile, the general director isn't talking after questions have been raised. 

My dear readers: there is a board meeting tomorrow, and a petition to SAVE SAN DIEGO OPERA is just shy of 20,000 signatures, which has the support of Joyce DiDonatto and Frederica von Stade. SAVE SAN DIEGO would like to walk into that meeting with their goal having been met, and they are nearly there. Let's help them, Ok? 

Please add your voice to a growing chorus which demands transparency and accountability by clicking here. Then please send this post to your friends and colleagues. 

America needs more opera, not less!