July 10, 2014

Off to Umbria

Umbrian Serenades participants on the way to sing in Spoleto 

In a little over a week, I'll be off to Umbria to sing with Umbrian Serenades after spending a few days in Rome, and I must say—I am so looking forward to this trip! It's not just a matter of having a vacation in the green heart of Italy, where I get to sing wonderful music with great people, have fabulous food and wine, and live inside an 18th century stage set for two weeks. No, its more than that, the word "transformational" coming to mind. Last year, I came back knowing in my gut that I had to write a book—which I did—Umbrian Serenades providing the catalyst for Hidden In Plain Sight: The Hermann Klein Phono-Vocal Method Based Upon The Famous School Of Manuel Garcia (VoiceTalkPublications, 2013). Needless to say, singing in Italy can have interesting consequences, all good, believe me. I am really curious to see what will happen this time—this being my 4th time. It's a magical, wonderful program—Umbrian Serenades. 

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