January 26, 2015

Franz Proschowsky: The Way to Sing

Franz Proschowsky 
An influential voice teacher of the 1920's and 30's, Franz Proschowksy had the good fortune to sing for, and also study with, the great American dramatic soprano Lillian Nordica in the late 1890's. Nordica declared Proschowsky a tenor (he had studied as a baritone), then helped him obtain a scholarship at the Chicago Musical College where he studied with a certain "Mr Clark," before finding his way to A. D. Duviver, a student of Manuel García. Proschowsky, a Dane with Poland parentage, sang professionally for a number of years, before turning his attention towards vocal pedagogy—eventually becoming a leading voice teacher in Berlin, then in America after the first world war.

Proschowsky was also an advisor to Amelita Galli-Curci, and the author of The Way to Sing (1923), which you can find here.

Photo Credit: VoiceTalk

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