Visual Dictionary

It's always interesting when science confirms something you've been taught to do is actually true. That was the case recently when I came upon a scientific study which showed that the brain finds new words that have been learned as pictures rather than groups of letters. Well, I was taught to do that when I studied at Westminster College by a wonderful pianist and coach—Glenn Parker. 

Glenn taught me, genius that he was, to make a movie in my head when I sang a song, which not only enabled me to remember it, but also to give it life. A few years later, I took a class in meditation which taught the same concept. Visualization it was called. Now, who can you find using this approach? Foreign language programs like Rosetta Stone! 

Undoubtedly, this "wisdom" isn't anything new, but rather is part of how the brain has worked since the stone ages, when human beings were creating cave pictures.

So, science now knows that while your brain is reading the word "apple" on this page, it's really seeing something like the picture accompanying this post, even if you're not consciously aware of it. Fascinating, no? 

What is old is new again. Now go learn a song in pictures. Make it—and your audience—come alive.