March 29, 2015

Who you are and what you read

Readers of VoiceTalk are from the continental United States, Ukraine, Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands—in descending order. How do I know this? Blogger has a "stats" page where I can keep tabs on who reads what when and how often.

Right now, about four-hundred of you visit this page every day, which renews my faith in the future of singing, even if the focus of VoiceTalk is in the past.

What do you read? Well, that's a curious matter. Like me, you have a taste for 19th century singers teachers and their students. However, the posts with the greatest appeal have been those about the wanton destruction of New York City Opera and its archives, which is followed by my oh-so-very-arcane post on "How Manuel García Taught Blending." This is followed in short order by "Blanche Marchesi: Sounding Boards" and "Nasality: The Wrong Idea of Voice Placement." "Kiri te Kanawa's voice teacher" is also in the top ten too, as is "Sex & Singing." No surprise there!

But what tops them all? A throwaway Valentine's Day post titled "Les chemins de l'amour." Of course, I have no idea why this is so: it could be zillions of students clicking on the title for their juries or love birds in Paris.

What don't you read? My posts on the work of Tomatis don't alway grab your attention, I am sorry to say, but that may have everything to do with the complexity of the subject matter. While the larynx has been studied extensively, the inner workings of the ear and its relationship to the voice have yet to be subjected to the same level of scrutiny—and therein lies the main difficulty. However, interest in the subject is growing.

As always, I am ever grateful for your feedback, comments, and emails, which come from everywhere and out of the blue. You have no idea how your words make my day.

Thank you for sharing my passion and reading VoiceTalk. 

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