April 22, 2015

High Front Tone Placement

George Tyler was a dry goods clerk who—by virtue of his resonant tenor voice, went to Italy, studied with four Old School voice teachers—Francesco Lamperti among them, and became Gio Tyler-Taglieri. He sang for a about a decade with many famous singers, and then taught singing in Portland, Oregon. The little that I have been able to ascertain about him is not as revealing as his advertisement which appears with just enough pedagogical detail to make one think. 

Instructions based on the Old Italian School of high front tone placement? Fundamentals of the overtone and diaphragmatic (deep) breathing? Taglieri's teaching was also that of Anna E. Schoen-Rene—a student of Pauline Viardot-García and her famous brother Manuel García. Ubiquitous baby!

Morning Oregonian, October 3, 1920: 7

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