September 27, 2015

Turn Down the Volume

There I was, rowing away at the Y, when I heard the loudest music for an aerobics class in the studio next to me. Sure. We've all been there, right? Walk into any gym and there will be an exercise class with people jumping around and music blasting. 

I didn't get upset. Didn't lose my nerve. No, none of that. Rather, I got curious. Just how loud was this sound anyway? 

You'd think I would have downloaded a decibel App on my iPhone already, but no. For some reason (and I have more than enough reason to do so, believe me) hadn't done that yet. But I was really curious about how loud the sound was. So I finished rowing (great stuff I have to say), and downloaded a free App called Decibel 10th. 

That's when things got interesting. 

I walked to the door of the exercise studio, a huge room, turned on the App, and watched the dial move all the way to the right, right into the danger zone. 

Will you look at that?! 

Mind you, I wasn't in the room. I was standing in the doorway, a good 40 feet from the speakers. How loud was it where everyone was jumping around? 

See here for a chart depicting dangerous levels of sound. 

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