ear ache

It happens during my first week at the Listening Centre in Toronto. Or rather, I become aware that something is happening.

The muscles of my ear begin to ache. 

The ache reminds me of what it feels like to wear a new pair of glasses that don't fit quite right. But this is more than that. I feel the ache inside and out. Not just behind the ear.

Then there is the matter of my posture. My spine, from the middle of my back to up into my head, feels achy too. Stretched from the inside out, its the oddest thing. Not painful at all, I feel like I've had a strong workout at the gym—my head is being pulled up and back, accompanied by an ache that hurts so good. I feel this way towards the end of every two hour session, and not only anticipate the feeling, but welcome it—the three muscles surrounding the auricle especially tender. At times, the ache is accompanied by the strong urge to close my eyes and meditate, while at other times, I feel the urge to create—which I do by making collages from magazine cuttings. Oh, they tell a story alright, for those with eyes to see.

What's happening? The muscles of my ear are responding to being stimulated with high frequency tone.