The Throne of the Pharynx 4

Now take your position—stand firm so that you may change from one foot to another. Put your tongue in place, resting in the bottom of the mouth and throat. Drop the jaw. Remember the voice is your instrument, but you are the director, inspirator, guiding power; you formulate, control with your will, intelligence, emotions. Now assume control of your throne as a singer, at the throne of the pharynx—the cerebellum back between the ears. Put your finger on the little tip in front of the ear and press lightly, partially closing the ear. Take the word Alm, or Hum, and let it resound through the head cavities. This will show you where sound is focused. No matter how high or low the note, always place it at this point—behind the ears. Never higher. It will correct the effort of reaching up when that is always its first place. The mistaken effort of reaching up is what prevents its placing itself. 

—Student of Francesco Lamperti, Manuel García and Antonio Sangiovanni c. 1890