April 5, 2016

Why You Should Sing with Umbrian Serenades

Umbrian Serenades Rehearsal, Gian Carlo Menotti Teatro Nuovo, Spoleto, Italy 

Curiously, I have always used the word "transformation" in connection to the amazing program I have been a participating in the last 5 seasons—that being Umbrian Serenades—and now it seems there is science to back it up! 

A study conducted in Sweden and recently published in Frontiers in Science entitled "Music structure determines heart rate variability of singing," confirms what singers have known for centuries: when you sing with others something magical happens. What exactly, you ask? Well, in the study conducted with choir members, it seems that their heart rates beat as one in very short order. And when singing in unison, the effect was magnified. Why does this happen? That is not so clear. That is does happen is certain.

Come sing in the green heart of Italy! It's a life-changing experience.

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