May 18, 2016

Avoid Quick Training

ALBERTO RANDEGGER, who died in London a few days ago, is the type of musician who will be sincerely mourned. As a teacher of singing, Randeger was as successful as Francesco Lamperti and Manuel García, and his method of instruction, like that of the Italian and Spanish maestri, was based upon principles of voice development that should be studied daily by all vocal teachers. Above all, the modern teachers ought to remember that Randegger, Lamperti and García never practiced any of the quick training methods prevailing to a large extent in this country and Europe today. With few exceptions, the greatest singers of our times did not impress any one at the beginning of their student days by their phenomenal voices, but they reached the goal by a system of patient hard work year after year. 

Musical Courier, "Avoid Quick Training," The Etude, April 1, 1912: 282

Note: Find my previous post on Alberto Randegger here, and his book, "Singing" on VoiceTalk's download page. Regarding the method of Randegger, García and Lamperti: It was quite common for students to sing scales and exercises for the better part of a year before essaying repertoire. 

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