March 8, 2017

Top Ten on VoiceTalk

I never know what is going to interest the reader, and don't write to get clicks. Instead, I just write about what interests me at any given time. That said, it's interesting to see what readers gravitate towards. With that in mind, here are the ten most popular posts on VoiceTalk, ranked in descending order. 

  1. How Franceso Lamperti Taught Blending of Registers
  2. Blanche Marchesi: Sounding Boards 
  3. Singing & Hearing Aids
  4. How Manuel García Taught Blending of Registers
  5. Le chemin de l'amour
  6. How to Kill an Opera Company in 5 Easy Steps
  7. NYCO Archives Irreparably Damaged
  8. Lilli Lehmann's Vocal Technique
  9. NYCO Archives in Jeopardy
  10. Staccato 

What is to be gleaned from this list? It would seem that readers of VoiceTalk are interested in historical vocal pedagogy—Lamperti topping the list—with the blending of registers being of prime importance. This doesn't surprise me in the least. Students and teachers are forever trying to work out their registration kinks.

NYCO also rears its head—and I confess to having a fondness for number 6 which was written at breakfast in the space of 5 minutes.  I read it now and tell myself: "Yep. That's the way it went down."

The post on Lilli Lehmann's vocal technique? That led a gentleman to call me up and insist that the exercises would make his daughter a star.

Staccato at number 10? Nice to see students of singing Googling the basics. 

Number 5? I heard this haunting song for the first time as sung by the resplendent Rosemary Landry at Westminster Choir College. I hum it on warm summer nights and dream of Paris. 

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