Stockhausen's Method of Singing

Lo and Behold: Stockhausen's Method of Singing is now available for download. I am talking the English translation of an important text from a student of the legendary Manuel García: one which I spent many hours copying by hand back in the day when the library prohibited photos (yes, you can use your smart phone now in many libraries with the understanding that you bear the responsibility for copyright infringement). How curious it is to consider that I had to wait a good eight weeks to see the book via interlibrary loan, before finding it years later online at the Hathitrust database, where it was published in serial format in The Voice—a magazine started by Edgar Werner in the 1880's (Werner was a stammerer looking for answers). Now it's a click away for anyone who is curious about such things, accessibility having progressed at warp speed. 

If I was teaching a class on historical vocal pedagogy (and we'll see about that), I'd make Stockhausen's text required reading if only because he has recorded the teachings of the old Italian school with German efficiency and academic mien—the latter mirroring García's approach in the studio. 

Find Stockhausen's text at the link above or on the download page in the right hand column. You can also find out more about the man by clicking on his label below.