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My Listening Centre Experience

I went to the Listening Centre in Toronto, Canada, in 1999, curious about the effect Tomatis’ listening training would have on my voice, and came away with my life changed. 
The vocal change was immediate. I got off the plane after the 60 hours were completed, sat at the piano and vocalized, and couldn’t believe my ears. There were two notes on the top and bottom of the scale that hadn’t been there before; and while my voice was much more equalized, the thing that really struck me was that I felt different in my own skin—a big deal to a guy that had been hiding his stutter/stammer since 4th grade.

Yes. I stuttered and stammered.

My own understanding of why it started? I was mixed-dominant (see my previous post); terrified of my father; in love with my homeroom teacher Mr. Casper; and knew—without a soul telling me—that being gay was a no-no. This without even knowing what "gay" meant. But I knew enough from others the price of bring different. My parents were who they were a…

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